Our story

Our story is as unique as our coffee.

London, born and blended since 1971


Let’s start with how every good story should. At the very beginning.

The Costa Coffee story began back in 1971 when Sergio and Bruno arrived in London with a burning desire to make great tasting coffee a part of everyday life. they committed to crafting the finest quality coffee.


It was here the Costa brothers blind-tested 112 variations of coffee before they tasted one good enough to be our signature blend. They named it ‘Mocha Italia’ and it remains our signature blend to this day. 

Our Signature Blend

Our iconic Signature Blend is the perfect combination and balance of delicate Arabica and strong Robusta beans, precisely slow roasted for a minimum of 18 minutes to ensure the beans keep their hearty flavour, rich aroma, and smooth taste.

All the way from London to Cairo 

Americana  group, founded  in Kuwait in 1964, brought 14 leading brands in the food industry from the west to the east. Thanks to Americana group, Costa was brought to Egypt. 

Established in May 2004 in Egypt, Costa opened  its doors for the  first time in city center Alexandria followed by Heliopolis branch for the residents of Cairo.

Costa gained wide recognition and popularity among Egyptians, with all our customers’ support and love for the brand. For that reason, Costa exponentially grew throughout the years, opening 55 stores all over Egypt till this day.